LaSalle Director’s Meeting, Chicago

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March 6, 2018
LaSalle Director’s Meeting,LA
March 6, 2018

Trump Tower Chicago,was chosen to host the bi- annual event for all International LaSalle Directors including senior board members. The venue was chosen, in part,because the firm’s head office is within walking distance,but more importantly because the last events have all been based in hotel resorts on the West Coast. It was felt that hosting an event nestled in the heart of the city would offer a completely different feel. It also opens the location up to organising interesting architectural  tours for the delegates, many of them who had not visited the city before.

It was important for the delegates to be able to network but to also get a detailed overview of the firm’s performance and strategies through presentations and ‘masterclasses’.

This time we worked directly with the US office on the event, taking the lead on all aspects- helping create the overall agenda and flow,design and implementation of branding,dressing and print as well as specifying all technical production( working closely alongside the in-house AV team at Trump).

Branding was once again key,helping to create an environment that felt like LaSalle had ownership.Once initial designs were agreed, our design team set about applying them wherever we could, even over existing wall pictures in all the corridors !

” Simon,I cannot thank you enough for your involvement with this conference. I am confident that if it wasn’t for your expertise and direction, this event would not have run nearly as seamlessly as it did. Thank you so much for your help!”

Regina LaRosa-Durante,LaSalle Investment Management