Sweet Theming !

JLL International Directors Event, Vienna
March 15, 2018
Nexo – a load of speakers !
March 6, 2018

A themed event with a slight twist……

Our client approached us to help them create something eye-catching  to dress the Ballroom in Claridges, London as part of their 40th year of using the venue for this event.

The idea was based around something from the early 70’s( marking the era of the inaugural event) that could be fun but complimentary to the grandeur of the space we were working with.

A ‘retro sweet’ concept seemed to fit the bill, with colour and vibrancy the order of the day. Our solution was to incorporate very simple red and white stripes on all branding, fitting with the clients key brand colours.

All poseur tables in the ballroom were dressed with striped coverings,the tops were frosted and the ‘piece de resistance’ came in the form of large apothecary jars dressed with red ribbons and filled with a selection of memorable 70’s sweets! We worked alongside sweet provider Kitty Riddles who sourced and provided the content of these, which went down very well on the day! So much so that, although the sweets were decorative, they slowly diminished in capacity as attendees nibbled their way through!

A branded giveaway gift box ( in client colours), filled with more sweets, was also provided.

As well, a large branded arch was designed and built,providing a stunning entranceway into the ballroom for all the delegates.