LaSalle’s View: The Shape of Things to Come

LaSalle Global Investor Conference
March 6, 2018
A fly through of the US
March 6, 2018

One of our biggest challenges yet was to transform the iconic Tribeca Rooftop in New York -a loft style venue -into a functional but creative corporate event space fit for this second annual one day event.Whilst the venue was a quirky proposition, it was mainly used for weddings and dinners,so creating the right feel for this event would take some considerable thought and design.

The venue choice came after many site visits to the city looking at all the usual standard hotel and conference venues. It was of upmost importance that the event should make a bold statement to the attendees, many of whom were investors from all over the globe, suggesting also that LaSalle were not afraid to venture into something more unexpected and unpredictable.

Tribeca symbolises regeneration, with the Rooftop at the heart of this. As a location it tied in well with the overall theme of the event, and our attention was focused on sculpting an interesting agenda, event theme design, but more importantly how to use every square inch of the space we had.

We created an ‘all inclusive’ and immersive event providing an area for lunch and networking, and a main plenary space.However one of the boldest features was the inclusion of five adjoining ‘business zones’.These were designed for delegates to participate in once they had the ‘elevator’ pitch from the zone leaders on stage and proved to be highly successful and very spontaneous. The zones flanked the plenary space allowing free-flow of attendees.

The event kicked off with a VIP dinner in the Soho Grand hotel on the Wednesday evening with a high profile guest speaker.

The next morning saw property tours of New York,taking in different areas of interest to potential investors: a View From the Street focusing on local regeneration on foot, the other A View From the Water on the Hudson by boat.

Delegates returned to the Tribeca rooftop for lunch, followed by plenary presentations, and then spent the rest of the afternoon populating the business zones. After a short summary at the end, delegates were treated to a drinks and canapés reception.

Feedback, from a usually very sceptical audience was very complimentary on the style and delivery of the overall programme.