Nexo – a load of speakers !

Sweet Theming !
March 6, 2018
Lord Adonis in conversation with Paul Jarvis
March 6, 2018

Snow, snow, snow and more snow………………. this was one of the concerns prior to the product launch for Nexo, the French audio manufacturer. Would the crew, trucks and indeed attendees be able to make it to the event? After a break in the weather all confidence was restored and everything went to plan, albeit with a few travel cancellations for European visitors.

For this project, we were asked to provide overarching production support for the STM Sessions,  a live listening session for its flagship PA speaker system ‘STM’.

Held over five days at London’s LH2 Studios, the UK’s elite touring production facility,the event consisted of  tech briefing sessions, ‘hands on’ classroom seminars, full listening demos of the system in the main studio, and a final evening of party and live entertainment from London band Ahab.

Attendees consisted of  sound distributors, press and PR, sound designers and engineers, as well as venue owners and live touring companies from all over the world.

One of the larger challenges for the production team was to try and ‘soften’ the internal studio area which was by its very nature a large empty box.The solution? Over 800m2 of Astroturf ! This did the trick and really helped with not only (and importantly), acoustics, but also the look and feel of the event.

The event was a roaring success with maximum exposure to the system gained during the week and our ears slightly dented by the 130db of pure power here on demo!